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Learn to Drive with Driviati

Driving School is family oriented, recommended by most of our students even though we did not advertise much.

All of our instructors are trained to give, you the customer, complete satisfaction in your driving experience so that you can handle driving on your own, with skill, safety, caution, and respect for all other drivers and pedestrians. We are patient and totally professional to handle your goals of earning your driver's license. Service, Security, and Success is what we are all about. Viva Driving School looks forward to serving you.

8-hour Extended Freeway Course

This full course will ensure that you've got all the driving skills you'll need in a big city and outside of it!

Professional Driving Lessons

We are AAA approved driving school and we are devoted to organize competent and safe driving lessons.

New Drivers


We're committed to teaching new drivers to drive safely. If you have no experience - come and gain it with us.

Corporate Services


Vehicle-specific CDL instruction, certification, refresher courses and re-certification for commercial drivers.

Experienced Drivers


We offer a wide range of services for experienced drivers, including classes, simulator sessions and behind-the-wheel lessons.

Traffic Safety School


Court ordered traffic safety programs developed by professional instructors to help you learn to drive safe.

Highly Qualified Instructors

Sophie Willmore

Supervisor, Сertified in car instructor

Brock Lambrick

Сertified in car instructor

Poppy Castleton

Сertified in class instructor

Alana Hopley

Certified in car instructor

Why choose us

A few good reasons to why choose us! We promise to give you the following:

Great value for money


Our prices are market competitive and cheaper than of competition who offer similar service.

Professional, friendly instructors


Our instructors will help you make constant progress and stay motivated during the lessons.

Online progress record


To keep a track of your progress and payments we have managed a convenient online system.

Pricing Table

We understand the need to ensure that there is a fair balance between the cost of obtaining your licence and the quality of the final skills transferred to the learner driver.

Category A




30  hours driving

40 hours in class

practical test

Car or minivan

Up to 6 passenger seats

Category B+E




30  hours driving

40 hours in class

practical test

vehicle up to 3,500kg

trailer up to 3,500kg

Category C+E




30  hours driving

40 hours in class

practical test

vehicle over 3,500kg

trailer over 750kg

What Our Students Say about us


Mike was a brilliant driving instructor - he helped me build up my confidence whilst driving and always motivated me to be the best driver I could be. I definitely recommend Driviati, especially for those who are nervous about driving.

Jessica Moore


I would highly recommend John to any learner drivers! He was so patient and determined to help me reach my driving goals. His lessons were structured and had clear objectives. With his help, I passed my test and feel a more confident and safe driver.

Ann Johnson

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